Chief Marketing Officer


Call us crazy – but we bet you have never seen anything like us before!
And then again, well you probably have. You’ve seen facebook, whatsapp, snapchat and the likes. We’re in the same space but slightly more on the B2B side of things, so you get the idea – and we share the ambitions for market dominance. That should give you an idea of which playing field we are embarking onto.

We do digital profiling in a business context across multiple platforms including social media, news feeds, public registries, and information available on the net. We are aiming to create glass walls in all companies around the world by providing transparent business data. This, we guarantee, you haven’t seen before. It will blow your mind.

If you have what it takes we will share our secret story with you – otherwise you’ll definitively know about our company shortly.

We are packaged as an open data platform both as a Web and Mobile App sitting on top of a Big Data model. Your job will be creating a commercial strategy that will help us conquer the world.

We expect you will bring vision and implementation power within the fields of:

  • Multiplatform internet marketing models
  • Multiplatform viral marketing
  • Hybrid revenue models with both Subscription and in APP purchasing aspects
  • Social media outreach and engagement strategies

You are a creative entrepreneur – and an experienced marketer
Since this position entails great responsibility, you need to be an experienced strategic marketer with a strong commercial mind-set combined with deep understanding of revenue models based on big data. Maybe you currently hold a role as CMO or you simply have the talent, intellect, and drive to grow into the role within no time.

Given the nature of our company and the modern world, you must understand how to build a company brand from scratch and shape the perception of our company around the globe. You know how to navigate within the world of digital and tech.

“Out of the box” thinking is a key word for us, and you will need to show us, that you can do just that. This is a commercial position, so being engaged and outgoing is a must. The atmosphere in the organization is young, ambitious, and dynamic. We are growing, and we will continue to grow significantly over the years to come.

Our investors and bankers have equally high expectations for us and they’ve put a market value on us that’s straight out of Silicon Valley. This is what you become part of and you must be comfortable that you can deliver to match these expectations.

Are you ready?
The people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do. Are you one of them and are you ready to join us on our journey?

The recruitment process for this position is carried out in collaboration with the consulting company Compass Human Resources Group A/S. If you would like to find out more about this position, please do not hesitate to contact Consultant Oliver Hauberg-Jensen on tel.: +45 70 20 12 75. You are also welcome to submit you CV via. the apply now function. Please note that we will reply to the email address from which you send your CV.

Deadline for application: As soon as possible
Workplace: Copenhagen
Reference: 1707.081
Company: Anonymous